Getting started with Nutrition Plus

Start your journey with a Nutrition Assessment.


This is where your personal nutrition journey begins. Your accredited practising dietitian will identify and calculate what your individual requirements are, in order that your unique needs are met in all the advice that you are provided.


As opposed to a quick band-aid fix, we pride ourselves in the detail and quality of service we offer you. Conducting professional and thorough investigations, to ensure we focus on the root causes and achieve long term sustainable results.

To book your Nutrition Assessment, contact us on 1300 438 550 or follow this link to make a booking online. You can also send us an email using our contact form and Gabby, our client satisfaction specialist, will advise you which dietitian will best suit your needs.

We usually undertake:

  • a review of your medical conditions,
  • a review of your biochemistry (blood tests),
  • a review your medications and supplements,
  • a body composition analysis,
  • comprehensive dietary assessment,
  • a lifestyle assessment,
  • an assessment of your goals, and
  • your individually-tailored program plan

Please bring any medications, nutritional supplements or blood test results that you have to this appointment. We will also send a copy of this report to all of your doctors, so that they are aware of our treatment plans, so please bring their contact details to the appointment with you.


It is also beneficial if you can record what you eat each day for a few days before your consultation.

For your convenience your dietitians are available for day and evening consultations.


To find out the particular hours at a location of your choice simply call us on 1300 438 550

We have a menu of prices for your Nutrition Assessment depending upon your needs. Our standard assessment is our most popular option.

  • Standard (60 minutes) $210
  • Specialist (60 minutes) $420

Please note that prices may vary from dietitian to dietitian so please confirm the cost of your consultation before your appointment.

Subsequent consultations are usually shorter, and consequently cheaper.

As you will be seeing qualified Accredited Practising Dietitians, if you have private health insurance, DVA or a Care Plan from your GP you may be eligible for a rebate.


Rebates from your private health insurance are at the rate set by your insurance company.


Rebates from Medicare are approximately $52 per visit for up to 5 visits per year, depending upon how many visits your GP has allocated.

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